Would your team benefit from communicating more effectively? Would the ability to influence your customers improve your business? If you could decipher the language people use to understand what they really mean would that improve your client interactions? What would having more confidence do for your team? 

My training will help build your confidence and create an impact as your non-verbal communication skills grow. You will gain the tools to understand your client’s needs at a deeper level so you can communicate more clearly and directly, in turn increasing your personal influence and persuasion during their buying experience.

Building rapport and influencing people (one-day workshop)

Using many of the fundamental tools and techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming, this workshop will give you and your team the skills you need to successfully build rapport and influence. The competencies that you’ll learn can be used in a professional and personal setting.


Powerful language and how to use it (two-day workshop)

Sometimes you need to be artfully vague and at other times you’re required to be skilfully specific – during this session you’ll learn how to do both effectively. We look at how some of the world’s greatest communicators use language to create impact and how you can apply these techniques to your world.


Using NLP at work (two / four-day workshop)

Neuro Linguistic Programming is often referred to as the instruction manual for the mind. During this workshop we turn the ‘dark art’ of NLP into a set of useable tools and techniques that make sense and, more importantly, make a difference. 

Influence, communication, negotiation, team work and relationship building are all covered in this workshop that can be delivered in two or four days for more in-depth learning. 

Bespoke Packages

Do you need something slightly different? Get in touch to discuss your desired outcome and I’ll put together a workshop or programme for your business. Recent uccesses include:

  • NLP for the recruitment industry.
  • Sell your product with public speaking.
  • Company culture and values.

seminars & training